Why Can?

Cans & Mobile Canning are an effective way to assist in increasing your market penetration and attracting visitors to your Craft-house where the real magic happens.
Focus your time on making those revolutionary beverages, we'll do the canning.

Product Quality

  • Zero Light Penetration.
  • Tighter seal than a bottle = minimal oxygen penetration.
  • More CO2 stays in the can where it belongs.
  • Better preservation, longer shelf life
  • Lighter. More durable. Shatterproof.
  • Polymer lining protects the flavor.
  • Smaller sizes takes away the issue of re-sealing.


  • Equipment costs, maintenance & repair.
  • Space.
  • Cash flow.
  • Test the market before making a substantial investment
  • More cost effective to produce and ship.
  • Less packaging.
  • No need for storage of empty cans, lids, toppers, case flats, equipment.
  • Eliminate product loss/breakage.
  • Less transport cost due to lower weights & smaller space requirements.

Expand your Market Opportunity

  • Branding: Brewery, Winery, Cidery, Distillery. Market visibility.
  • Speed to market.
  • Distribute beyond your taproom.
  • Accommodates diverse labeling.
  • Package what sells.
  • 360 degrees of design. Flexibility to change label design with low minimums.
  • Package smaller runs of seasonals, specialty, or short runs.
  • Accommodates different sizes : 8oz, 12oz, 16oz, 250ml


Environmental Impact

  • Infinitely recyclable.
  • Cans are twice as likely to be recycled as glass.
  • Nearly 75% of all aluminum ever made is still in use today.



  • Chills faster.
  • Portability. Lighter than bottles & saves space.
  • Stacks easier
  • Makes an awesome Beer Can Chicken
  • No Opener needed
  • You can't shotgun a bottle.
  • Cans go places bottles dare not: beaches, concerts, parks, rivers, tailgating, lakes, skydiving, hiking, boating, skiing, camping, biking, kayaking, sports venues, hot tub, horseback riding, peak bagging, backpacking, ballpark, picnics, festivals, Everest.
  • Allows you to say "nice cans" without getting slapped.
  • The Can Loves to go places!