Canning Services

Revolution is your in-house canning solution.

Revolution Provides your in-house canning solution.

We will arrive at your craft-house ready to can your legendary beverages. We will do so with passion, hard work, and great care.

We have a simple rate structure. Offer a Cantastic Credit program, and only charge for useable/saleable cans.

Choose from the Total Canning Solution, or just a Fill & Label. (Learn more below.)

Focus your time on making those revolutionary beverages, we'll do the canning.

Foamy goodness

The Total Canning Solution

Revolution provides: Cans, Lids, PakTech Handles, Case flats, Can Fill, Label application,  Seam quality measurements, PLUS the Cantastic Credit & RMC Can Cooler Programs

Customer provides: Beverage to can, Labels, 120v/20A & 220V outlets, Water, CO2, Compressed Air (15CFM) , 2-3 employees.

Fill & Label Only

Revolution provides: Can Fill, Label Application, D/O and Seam Quality Measurements, PLUS the Cantastic Credit & RMC Can Cooler Programs

Customer Provides: Labels, Cans, Lids, PakTech handles, Case flats, Beverage to can, 120V/20A & 220 outlet, Water, CO2, Compressed Air (15CFM), and 2-3 employees.

Labelling those cans!

Label & Package sourcing

The Revolution Team is here to ensure a great canning experience.

We have sourced quality label design & printing companies, boxes, PackTech 4 or 6 pack handles, brite cans & ends, printed cans, and Shrink Wrapped cans.

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