About Us

We are Canning Revolutionary Beverages

Craft Beer, Cider, Spirits: Worldly styles, locally inspired. Independent & Authentic. Experimental. Crafted by Trailblazers that use high quality locally sourced ingredients embracing the values of Liberty and Freedom to experiment and create awesomely delicious, fresh, memory impacting beverages of epic proportions and infinite flavors. Each a distinct experience, an oasis from the everyday beverage.

At Revolution, our passion is to take these carefully crafted libations and lovingly place them in the optimum freshness vessel (ie: can!) that can be easily transported from your favorite craft brewer, vintner, cider maker, or distiller.....and once opened, transport you back to the original craft experience expected by its creator, and enjoyed at the quality level you would get at their craft-house.

The Revolution Team brings a mobile canning solution to the local, small, and mid-sized craft beverage makers in the state of NY.

Expanding the Brand.     Increasing Visibility & Profitability.      Sustaining the Craft Movement.

Our Story: Craft by Birth

The Revolution Team comes from a varied walk of life. One thing is certain, we are committed to quality work.

We have searched for work that will be fulfilling, sustainable, and allow us to give back to the community.......We know, sounds Utopian.

The experience of heading to a local Craft-House......whether swankily elegant or a hole in the wall joint, quaint, large or small. You can see where the ingredients are grown. The care and preparation of the local ingredients. The mixing and brewing. Creating a beverage that can be consumed in an atmosphere that reflects the "owner". Passionate. Relaxed. Welcoming. Transporting you from the everyday. Genuine. Caring. Tasty. Friendly. That is the world we want to be a part of.

Work does not have to be a grind, and we have sought out this environment......That is how the Revolution was born.

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